Hey Ave Babes!

If you're here, you wanna know all things hair but especially our hair! We can't wait. 

We currently offer two qualities of hair. Contrary to popular marketing schemes, there are no grades in human hair. It is simply General & Top quality. The terms 8A & 9A describe the percentage of cuticle alignment that ultimately affects how long your extensions last. In reality, this 8A abbreviation simply means 80% of the hairs are aligned.

Cuticle alignment is necessary to avoid tangling and matting. Most human hair faces the same direction and this is what makes it less liable to tangling. If you have less cuticle alignment, your hairs will eventually began to wrap up in each other instead of next to each other. This could lead to you excessively combing or brushing...which will eventually lead to shedding.

It is why it is necessary to be upfront with your customers. This type of hair should be used for up to 6 months if you find a good quality hair brand. If you find a bad one, I'll give you 1 1/2 months.

Our brand offers 100% cuticle aligned and for our "Baddie Bundle Deals" they are 80% aligned. Now we must go over what makes our Bundle Deals aka 8A more affordable. 

Can it be bleached?

Yes, but it will only safely lift to #27






someone tries to sell you an 11A bundle, meaning 110% aligned, give them a hard well-deserved blank stare.